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Searchable, portable, MultiMarkdown notes.

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nvUltra is an upcoming note-taking app from Brett Terpstra and Fletcher Penney. It's currently in private beta, but you can sign up below for updates as development finishes up.

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# Welcome to your new favorite notebook

A **bold** new take on modal notes.

> nvUltra brings together power and simplicity. Your tools can be distraction-free _without_ sacrificing the features you love. Download a free trial (coming soon, promise) and find out for yourself!

# Welcome to your new favorite notebook

A **bold** new take on modal notes.

> nvUltra brings together power and simplicity. Your tools can be distraction-free _without_ sacrificing the features you love. Download a free trial (coming soon, promise) and find out for yourself!


Just start typing to create a new note. Drag and drop connections between notes, include images, and use MultiMarkdown to provide portable formatting.


Your notes are never far away, no matter how long ago you wrote them. Use full-text search to easily find the note you're looking for.

Rest Easy

Plain Text is a universal format, and flat files are ready to travel. Your notes are future-proof, portable, and never locked in.

Modal Entry

It's easiest to take notes and jot down ideas when you don't have to think about where to put them. Create new notes and search existing ones with blazing fast accuracy, all from the same place. Just start typing!

Portable Notes

nvUltra uses plain text (MultiMarkdown) files for all of your notes. They're always yours, never locked in a database or a proprietary format. Edit them with any other application, even while you're using nvUltra. We'll keep up!

Unlimited Notebooks

Any folder on your Mac can be a notebook, and you can start a new one any time. You can have as many notebooks as you need. One for work, one for play, one for every project. Open multiple notebooks at once, drag and drop between them, and use the Folder Navigator to quickly return to any folder you've ever opened in nvUltra.

Not Just Text

Your notebooks can include any kind of file. Images, TaskPaper files, OMPL documents… whatever you need. All filetypes are indexed by name and can be dragged into text notes as links or images, and some filetypes (such as PDF) are fully indexed for search.


With the Markdown editing capabilities of MultiMarkdown Composer, nvUltra has everything you need to take your Markdown notes to the next level, including a live preview. It also works great with Marked 2!

And while we have our own opinions about what external apps work best, you can open any note (or other file) in any capable external editor. There’s even a shortcut key to open a file in the system default for the filetype.

Live Preview

Instantly see how your MultiMarkdown notes will format with a live side-by-side preview. There are multiple built in styles, both light and dark, and you can customize your own with a little CSS.

The editor and preview panes even have synchronized scrolling so they’re always where you expect them to be, plus support for MathJax and KaTeX for equations, and Highlight.js for code highlighting.

Change Your Look

nvUltra comes with multiple editor and preview themes, and you can create your own. On the editor side you can customize interface colors, get picky with typography, modify syntax highlighting properties, and more. And the Preview themes are pure CSS, so with a little knowledge, the sky’s the limit.

We’ll soon be offering links to great themes people share with us.

Still Want More?

  • Powerful MultiMarkdown writing tools
  • File "transclusion", easily include one note's content in another
  • (Multi)Markdown syntax highlighting
  • Automatic character pairing and selection wrapping
  • Smart Return automatically continues and formats lists, blockquotes, and more
  • Automated cleanup for lists, tables, paragraphs, and more
  • Apply title, sentence, upper, or lower case transformations
  • [[Wiki Linking]] between notes
  • Find similar notes using Connections mode
  • CriticMarkup support, including change tracking
  • User Snippet expansion
  • Autocomplete labels from links and footnotes
  • Autocomplete from words in the current document
  • History Undo Mode
  • Focus Mode hides all the extras
  • Typewriter mode can keep your work centered in the window
  • Show invisible characters
  • Show line/paragraph numbers
  • Character/word/paragraph count
  • Elastic tabstops (keep tabs aligned)
  • Yes, there's even more. Check out the documentation.

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We currently have as many beta testers as we can reasonably handle and we're busy squashing the final bugs and nailing down the release road map. We don't have a concrete ETA (that I care to share, anyway) but we're in the final stretch!

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But you added buttons!

I know, it's a horrible tease. I just really needed them in place while I finalize the layout of the site. I 100% did not do this just to mess with you. But I'm super happy that you're so excited, I can't wait to share nvUltra with you!