Searchable, portable, MultiMarkdown notes.

nvUltra is an upcoming note-taking app from Brett Terpstra and Fletcher Penney. It's currently in private beta, but you can sign up below for updates as development finishes up.

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Put all your thoughts in one place. Just start typing to create a new note.


Use full-text search to instantly find what you're looking for.

Rest Easy

Your notes are safe, portable, and never locked in.

Modal Entry

The easiest way to take notes is to start them all in the same place. Create new notes and search existing ones with blazing fast accuracy, all from the same place. Just start typing!

Portable Notes

nvUltra uses plain text (MultiMarkdown) files for all of your notes. They're always yours, never locked in a database or a proprietary format. Edit them with any other application, even while you're using nvUltra.

Unlimited Notebooks

Any folder on your Mac can be a notebook, and you can start a new one any time. Switch between them and have multiple notebooks open at once.


With the Markdown editing capabilities of MultiMarkdown Composer, nvUltra has everything you need to take your Markdown notes to the next level, including a live preview. It also works great with Marked 2!

Change Your Look

nvUltra comes with multiple editor themes, and you can create your own.

  • History Undo Mode
  • Markdown highlighting
  • Markdown syntax helpers
  • Smart symbol pairing
  • Wiki Linking between notes
  • Snippet expansion
  • Typewriter mode
  • Find similar notes
  • CriticMarkup support
  • Show invisible characters
  • Show line/paragraph numbers
  • Character/word/paragraph count
  • Focus Mode
  • Advanced Autocomplete

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