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nvUltra is primarily designed to handle a lot of short notes (as opposed to MultiMarkdown Composer, which is designed for long form writing), but that doesn’t mean it slacks when handling longer documents.

You can move around your document using all the standard keys, arrow keys, / to move by word, / to go to beginning/end of line, etc. It also supports macOS standard “emacs” keys, including A and E to move to beginning and end of paragraph.

nvUltra also adds its own helpful keyboard shortcuts. To move by paragraph while respecting blocks like lists and indented code, use the Move to Previous Paragraph () and Move to Next Paragraph commands ().

If your document is separated by headers, either in ATX (## Header) or Setext (underlined by - or =) format, you can navigate by jumping between headers. Use Move to Previous Header () and Move to Next Header () to quickly jump around your document’s sections.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for in your document, you can, of course, use the in-document search. Hit F to search within the current note for a string, then use G/G to jump to next/previous matches.

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